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Flyleaf - For fans of the Texas band Flyleaf
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to a livejournal community for the Texan band Flyleaf.

This community is for fans of Flyleaf to come together to discuss the music, concerts, to post graphics or anything else Flyleaf related. Enjoy yourselves!

001 Please respect everyone. We're all fans of the same band, so let's all stay friends. :)
002 Please do not violate LiveJournal's TOS.
003 Please keep icon posts, large images and the like behind lj cuts.
004 Please don't post advertisements for your community or website unless it's Flyleaf related.

- sheisblind.

- FlyleafMusic.com
- FlyleafOnline.com
- FlyleafFans.com
- LaceyMosley.net
- IWillSayYes.com
- FlyleafWorld.Narod.Ru

* Credit to reversescollide for help with CSS.