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New icons :D aww, i love them xD
Hope you like it ;)

[03] Alex Pettyfer
[02] Ian Somerhalder
[14] Ashley Greene
[04] Elizabeth Reaser
[01] Kellan Lutz
[01] Kellan & Nikki
[08] Nikki Reed
[08] New Moon
[02] Taylor Lautner
[01] Taylor & Kristen
[02] Kristen Stewart
[05] Vampire Diaries

[02] Lacey Mosley
[05] Stock


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got my CD

I got the limited edition package that came with the T-Shirt which i'm wearing in the picture. Its a guys medium so its like SUPER big on me lol. The new CD is amazing in my opinion. Sounds a little different from their last CD but its still really good. Also have you seen the video to Beautiful Bride! I love it...I'm not going to upload it because of copyrights but if you buy the CD you can get the bonus and you can download the music videos for Again and Beautiful Bride which I both love! Also for some reason Windows Media Player can't read the CD so I had to do the thing to search the album info but there is a track 14 that it couldn't find. Does anyone know the info for it? Please and thank you!

UK tour anyone??

a passin thought. but does anyone know or think that flyleaf will do a UK tour anytime soon..like headlining this time? would like to see em but have no idea if they are even coming anywhere near this side of town. thoughts would be appreciated.
tank u everyone. oh. and who is excited for momento mori?..join the club lol
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